Total turnover indices of retail trade enterprises by month, at constant prices (NACE Rev. 2)

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Retail trade [turnover index]

Retail trade is the resale of new and used goods (sale without transformation), mainly to the general public for personal or household consumption or utilization, carried out at stores, kiosks, trading places, markets, stands, etc., as well as retail trade carried out by enterprises taking mail-orders, street vendors and peddlers, consumer co-operatives, auction houses, etc.

Retail trade also includes retail trade of automotive fuel in filling stations.

Retail trade enterprise is an enterprise main activity of which is retail trade.

Turnover index [services]

Turnover index an is indicator which shows turnover changes during a reference period, in comparison with base period. It is expressed as per cent.

Turnover index at current prices shows turnover changes in the corresponding period, when turnover was at prices of the period.

Turnover index against previous period (month or quarter) characterizes the turnover changes within the corresponding period (quarter). This indicator is essentially influenced by the factors of seasonal and calendar character.

Turnover index against corresponding period of previous year shows the turnover changes within 12 months or 4 quarters. This indicator is used for the calculation of Gross Domestic Product in macroeconomic analysis.

Turnover index over average monthly (quarterly) turnover of 2015 shows changes of turnover of corresponding period compared to average monthly (quarterly) turnover of 2015.