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On manufacturing turnover in July 2009

Compared to June 2009 manufacturing turnover1 at current prices (according to seasonally adjusted data2) in July 2009 has decreased by 4.4%, of which in domestic market - by 5.6% and in exports - by 2.7%, according to the data of the Central Statistical Bureau.

Most notable turnover reduction was observed in repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment (including repair and maintenance of ships and boats, repair of maintenance of railway locomotives and railway wagons).But in manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations turnover reduced by 39.8%, and in manufacture of basic metals – by 28.3%, and turnover decrease in these sectors has, in turn, influenced the volume reduction in exports.

Most significant turnover increase was recorded in the manufacture of other transport equipment (building of ships and boats, manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock) – by 77.6%. Turnover of manufactureof chemicals and chemical products grew by 34.6%, of which exports – by 48.5% (79% of the turnover of the sector). Turnover in the manufacture of textiles rose by 17.5%, of which exports – by 21.9% (81% of the turnover of the sector).

Compared to July 2008 industrial turnover in manufacturing (according to working day adjusted data) in July 2009 decreased by 31.1%, of which in domestic market – by 32.6% and in exports – by 28.9%.

Changes of turnover in selected manufacturing sectors
July 2009 as % of July 2008 (working day adjusted)

More information on seasonally adjusted, working day adjusted and non-adjusted industrial production turnover data is available in data base of CSB.

Prepared by the Industrial Statistics Section
Ramona Skakunova
Tel. 67366953


1 Industrial turnover index is calculated at current prices. This is non-weighted index which characterizes monthly market demand development of industrial goods and services.

2 The influence of varying number of working days in the month and factors of seasonal repetition, i.e., seasonal fluctuations of goods produced in selected economic activities, has been eliminated.

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