Key indicator

Sale of manufactured products

The information on type, volume and value of industrial products manufactured and sold and industrial services provided is used to study and analyse directions of market development as well as to see the relation between sale of industrial products and exports in foreign trade.

Annual data are collected from economically active enterprises the main or secondary activity whereof in line with the Sections B and C and Section E class 38.32 of the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev. 2) may be classified under the industry sector and which in industrial production employ 10 or more people. In order to ensure at least 90 % of the national industrial output during the reference year in each NACE Rev. 2 class, in separate sectors also enterprises employing smaller number of people are included. The data are compiled based on the information collected with the help of the CSB statistical survey "Report on Production and Sale of Industrial Goods and Industrial Services Provided" (1-Industry).

The statistics is compiled for the types of industrial goods produced in Latvia, sale thereof in cash and kind in line with the PRODCOM classification.

PRODCOM classifies the goods by main kind of economic activity (NACE) and covers the goods and groups of goods classified under the Combined Nomenclature (CN).

Sale of manufactured industrial products – tables in database

Sale of manufactured industrial products (PRODCOM at 10-digits) – table code RUG020

Sale of manufactured industrial products (summary of selected code groups of the PRODCOM classification) – table code RUG010

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