Commissioned buildings by building type, statistical region and city under state jurisdiction, thsd m2

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In compliance with the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 April 2004 "On statistical regions of Republic of Latvia and administrative units included in them" (Amendments: Order No 381 of Cabinet of Ministers (03.06.2009); Order No 759 of Cabinet of Ministers (28.12.2010).) and the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS3) of the European Union, the data are calculated on 6 statistical regions:

  1. Riga region (Riga city);
  2. Pierīga region (Aloja county, Ādaži county, Babīte county, Baldone county, Carnikava county, Engure county, Garkalne county, Ikšķile county, Inčukalns county, Jaunpils county, Jūrmala city, Kandava county, Krimulda county, Ķegums county, Ķekava county, Lielvārde county, Limbaži county, Mālpils county, Mārupe county, Ogre county, Olaine county, Ropaži county, Salacgrīva county, Salaspils county, Saulkrasti county, Sēja county, Sigulda county, Stopiņi county, Tukums county);
  3. Vidzeme region (Alūksne county, Amata county, Ape county, Beverīna county, Burtnieki county, Cesvaine county, Cēsis county, Ērgļi county, Gulbene county, Jaunpiebalgas county, Kocēnu county, Līgatne county, Lubāna county, Madona county, Mazsalaca county, Naukšēni county, Pārgauja county, Priekuļi county, Rauna county, Rūjiena county, Smiltene county, Strenči county, Valka county, Valmiera city, Varakļāni county, Vecpiebalga county);
  4. Kurzeme region (Aizpute county, Alsunga county, Brocēni county, Dundaga county, Durbe county, Grobiņa county, Kuldīga county, Liepāja city, Mērsraga county, Nīca county, Pāvilosta county, Priekule county, Roja county, Rucava county, Saldus county, Skrunda county, Talsi county, Vaiņode county, Ventspils city, Ventspils county);
  5. Zemgale region (Aizkraukle county, Aknīste county, Auce county, Bauska county, Dobele county, Iecava county, Jaunjelgava county, Jelgava city, Jelgava county, Jēkabpils city, Jēkabpils county, Koknese county, Krustpils county, Nereta county, Ozolnieki county, Pļaviņas county, Rundāle county, Sala county, Skrīveri county, Tērvete county, Vecumnieki county, Viesīte county);
  6. Latgale region (Aglona county, Baltinava county, Balvi county, Cibla county, Dagda county, Daugavpils city, Daugavpils county, Ilūkste county, Kārsava county, Krāslava county, Līvani county, Ludza county, Preiļi county, Rēzekne city, Rēzekne county, Riebiņi county, Rugāji county, Vārkava county, Viļaka county, Viļāni county, Zilupe county).