Indices of hours worked, persons employed and earnings as well as changes thereof in construction by quarter

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Q1 2019
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Index of number of hours worked

An index showing changes in the total number of hours actually worked. The number of hours worked does not include hours paid, but not worked, e.g., holidays and sickness, personal holidays, idle time;breaks for rest and meals provided for in the regulatory enactments; time spent on the way to and from work; training of apprenticeships.

Quarterly index of hours worked is calculated based on the average number of hours worked in 2015.

Index of number of persons employed

An index showing the total number of persons employed (all salaried full-time and part-time employees, excluding employees on child care leave, as well as enterprise owners and family members thereof working on enterprise).

Quarterly index of persons employed is calculated based on the average number of persons employed in 2015.

Index of wages and salaries

An index showing changes in the total earnings (wages and salaries in cash and in kind).

Gross wages and salaries include basic wage and salary (monthly wage, post wage), remuneration for time worked or the amount of work done, regular and irregular additional payments and bonuses, payment for the annual and supplementary vacations, additional payment for vacation, holiday allowances, compensation for the vacation not used, sick pay (sick-leave certificate A), payment for public holidays and other days not worked social security compulsory contributions paid by employees, and personal income tax, as well as labour remuneration subsidies and payments in kind (goods and services produced or provided by employer given or provided to employee; expenditure on housing or residential area for employees; costs on use of motor vehicles for personal needs of employees; full or partial coverage of the expenditure on catering of employees; partial payment of mobile communication bills (phone used for both work and private needs).

Quarterly index of gross wages and salaries is calculated based on the average wages and salaries in 2015.