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On Construction in Latvia in 3rd quarter of 2008

Compared to the 3rd quarter of 2007 construction in Latvia in the 3rd quarter of 2008 decreased by 7.3% (at constant prices), according to the Central Statistical Bureau. Of which volume of new construction reduced by 7.7%, repairs and reconstruction – by 6.9%.

Construction and repair of residential buildings diminished by 33.4% and construction of hotels and similar buildings - by 55.0%. But volume of construction of motorways and streets grew by 18.9%, construction of main pipelines, communication and power lines – by 18.3%, of administrative buildings – by 3.8%, but construction of industrial buildings and warehouses – by 3.5%.

Bearing in mind the seasonal character of the construction industry, compared to the 2nd quarter of 2008 construction in the 3rd quarter of 2008 grew by 13.9% (at constant prices). This rise was mainly influenced by the increase of repairs and reconstruction (by 31.2%). Compared to the previous period volume of new construction in the 3rd quarter grew by 1.5%. It should be noted that, in the 3rd quarter a number of construction objects significant for the national economy were commissioned. Some of those were a/s ‘’Grindex’’ pharmaceutical product production building, SIA "Cemex" first device of the concrete terminal, a/s "Preses nams" book production building, hotel "Elephant Hotel", multifunctional sports hall in Ludza, etc.

Volume and changes of construction production in 3rd quarter of 2008

Total (current prices, thsdLVL)

% (constant prices, seasonally adjusted data) over 3rd quarter 2007




   Of which:



Residential buildings



Hotels and similar buildings



Office buildings



Wholesale and retail trade buildings



Production buildings and warehouses



Schools, universities and research institutions



Health care and social care buildings



Motorways, streets, roads, airfields, runways, railway lines



Bridges and tunnels



Ports and dams



Main pipelines, communication and power lines



Local pipelines and cable lines



Compared to the corresponding period of previous year in nine months of 2008 construction volume decreased by 0.1% (at constant prices). Of which volume of new construction increased by 2.8%, but repairs and reconstruction decreased by 3.7%.

More information on construction in Latvia is available in the Web Page of the CSB.

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