Key indicator

Rise in construction output

Compared to 2017, in 2018 construction output increased by 21.9 % (according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices). Construction output rise was observed in all sectors – construction of buildings (of 25.6 %), civil engineering (11.6 %), and specialised construction activities (27.8 %). The most significant output increase (2.1 times) was registered in specialised construction activities related to building completion and finishing (plastering, floor and wall covering, painting and glazing, etc.) as well as demolition and site preparation (of 75.6 %).

In civil engineering, an upturn was recorded in construction of roads and railways (of 22.5 %) and construction of utility projects (15.3 %), while downturn (of 35.2 %) in construction of other civil engineering projects (that includes waterways, port and river piers, industrial complexes, open-air sports grounds, etc.).

Construction volume index characterises changes in construction output during the reference period, in comparison with the base period.