Average yield of agricultural crops in stastistical regions and counties (experimental statistics)

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Average yield of agricultural crops

Average yield of agricultural crops is calculated on the basis of the harvested crop production in basic sown areas per 1 ha of spring productive area of corresponding crop, except hay from sown grasslands and natural meadows; the indicator for the latter is calculated from the actually harvested areas.

Agricultural holding

Technically and economically independent unit having common management producing agricultural products or preserving good agricultural and environmental conditions in the soil.

Holdings may produce also non-agricultural products and provide non-agricultural services.

Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics is produced by using new data sources and methods in making attempts to expand the range of statistics or the level of detail thereof based on the needs of data users.
It should be noted that the methods used in experimental statistics are not constant, approbated or internationally harmonized and can be changed to improve data quality. Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) publishes experimental statistics to get user feedback, evaluate analytical potential of the data and relevance thereof to the actual reality and data user needs.
The CSB believes that data users may find experimental data series valuable, and opinion of the data users may serve as a basis for making a decision to include this statistics in the Official Statistics Programme. By publishing experimental statistics, the CSB provides data users with new sources of information that may be used for decision making.