Key indicator

Sown area, harvested production and average yield


The average cereal yield from one hectare constituted only 29.8 quintals (38.3 ql./ha in 2017) being the lowest yield registered over the past seven years. Last year, 690.9 thousand hectares of land were covered with cereals, which is 12.7 thousand hectares or 1.8 % fewer than a year before.

The harvested production of cereals was significantly influenced by drought and notable decline in the sown areas of winter cereals – of 131.0 thousand hectares or 34.9 % (of which drop of 116.1 thousand hectares or 35.0 % in winter wheat areas) – resulting from the problems caused by incessant rain of the autumn 2017 and faced when sowing winter cereals. The share of winter cereals in the harvested production of grain fell from 69.6 % in 2017 to 48.7 % in 2018.


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