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On use of fertilizers on agricultural crops in 2010

Data of the Central Statistical Bureau show that in 2010 34% of utilised agricultural area were treated with mineral fertilisers.Expressed as 100% of nutrients, 92.2 thousand tons of mineral fertilisers were used, of which 58.9 thousand tons of nitrogen, 15.5 thousand tons of phosphorus and 17.8 thousand tons of potassium.1178.8 thousand ha or 66% were not treated.Those mainly were meadows, pastures and perennial grass.In 2010 55% of total area of agricultural crops were treated with mineral fertilisers (in 2009 – 50%), of which 78% of cereals (in 2009 – 73%) and 89% of industrial crops (in 2009 – 71%).

83kg of mineral fertilisers, or 12% more than in 2009, were used on one hectare of sown area, if expressed as 100% of nutrients.Use of mineral fertilisers on one hectare of cereals has grown from 107 kg in 2009 to 117 kg in 2010 or by 9% and use of mineral fertilisers on one hectare of industrial crops – from 140 kg to 174 kg or by 24%. 

Use of mineral fertilisers on 1 ha of sown area

(expressed as100% of nutrients)

During the last three years the use of nitrogen on one hectare of sown area has increased by 10 kg or by 23% - from 43 kg in 2008 to 53 kg in 2010, use of phosphorus remained stable – 14 kg, but use of potassium has slightly reduced - from 17 kg to 16 kg.

Compared to 2009, the use of nitrogen on cereals in 2010 has grown by 10% and use of nitrogen on industrial crops rose by 28%.Such a trend was influenced by the wider use of straight nitrogen mineral fertilisers, because their prices are noticeably lower than the prices of complex mineral fertilisers.

Use of nutrients on 1 ha of sown area

In 2010 the share of the straight nitrogen mineral fertilisers in total amount of mineral fertilisers (physical weight) comprised 55%.  Ammonium nitrate constituted 45% of all mineral fertilisers used.

Mineral fertilisers used in 2010 by kind of fertiliser

(physical weight)

In 2010 15% or 472 thousand tons of organic fertilisers more than in 2009 were used.The amount used on average on one hectare of sown area has grown from 2.8 tons in 2009 to 3.4 tons in 2010 or by 21%.


Prepared by the Agricultural Statistics Section
Guna Karlsone

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