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Use of fertilisers for agricultural crops in 2005

Mineral fertilisers were applied to 49.4% of all sown areas under agricultural crops in 2005, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Compared to 2004, the total use of fertilisers recalculated into 100% of plant food elements has increased by 13.3 thsd tons or 21.6%. The amount of mineral fertilisers per ha of sown area has also increased from 68 kg per ha in 2004 to 74 kg per ha in 2005.

Cereal crops (74.1% of the total fertilised area) accounted for the highest proportion of fertilised areas followed by sugar beets (92.1%) and industrial crops (73.9%). The amount of fertilisers used per ha was also highest for these crops: 109 kg per ha for cereal crops, 328 kg per ha for sugar beets and 141 kg per ha for industrial crops. The data obtained on the productivity of agricultural crops in 2005 show that the application of mineral fertilisers might have considerably influenced the increase in the average productivity of these crops.

Last year fertilisers were applied merely to 25.9% of the total area under potatoes, 21.6% of the open planted areas of vegetables and to 19.7% of the area under fodder root crops.

In 2005 organic fertilisers were used only for less than 7% of the total sown area and the use of organic fertilisers has decreased by 272.6 thsd tons or 6.3% in comparison with the previous year.

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