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In the summer of 2007 will be carried out the Farm Structure Survey

From June 2, 2007 to July 15 will take place Farm Structure* Survey (FSS), which will be carried out by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) cooperating with research centre SKDS, which received such rights in open competition. Such survey in the European union countries should be carried out every second year between agricultural censuses, according to Council Regulation (EEK) 571/1988 requirements.

In the survey will be obtained indicators characterising farm, it’s owner or user, information on land use, sawn areas, number of livestock and poultry, technical equipment, employed, as well as on activities of non-agricultural character, totally asking 237 questions to each respondent.

The interviewers from the SKDS will come (also at Saturdays and Sundays) to in survey included households and they will ask the questions from the form. Like in Agricultural Census and structure surveys 2003 and 2005, the interviewers will have blue briefcases with reflecting line and certifications issued by research centre SKDS.

If the interviewer, when arriving in the household, will not meet the respondent (user) the interviewer will leave the informative message with request to call or inform in any other way on the possible time for the interview. It is desirable for the users to answer the questions, but necessary information can be received also from other person being informed about the activities in the farm. Within the interview any owner documents will not be necessary, but the person who will give the data, will be responsible for their correctness.

The data of FSS 2007 are necessary for state institutions and international users, therefore we ask respondents to be responsive and give the needed information to the interviewers. The Structure Survey will not run successfully without the support from the rural municipalities self government and their help in the separate problem solution.

The received information will be used:

1. To characterize the Latvia agricultural situation;

2. To prepare the development plan for rural areas;

3. To prepare the Single programming document for agricultural and rural area development section for the next planning period;

4. To choose the optimal payment scheme in country, considering the requirements of European Union agricultural policy;

5. For the calculations of agricultural economic accounts;

6. To determine the farm economic value and speciality.

The Farm Structure Survey is sampling survey. To sample the farms included in FSS, as base will be used Agricultural Census 2001 and information from CSB Statistical Farm Register. The farms are sampled by economic value and speciality. Approximately 96% of the farms in the survey are economically active. These are farms, which produce agricultural production independently from the aim of the production realization – for consumption in own farms, trade, processing. To judge on the economic activity of the rest of the farms, in the survey are included some until now economically inactive and newly formed farms.

According to State Statistical law in the Farm Structure Survey will be provided confidentiality of each person’s individual data. The received information will be used only to get compiled indicators.

The provisional results on Farm Structure Survey will be available in CSB home page at the November 15 2007, but the final results at the 3rd quarter of 2008 will be published in the statistical bulletin “Farm Structure Survey 2007” and will be available for everyone.

The survey unit is farm – technically and economically separate unit, producing agricultural products or preserving good agricultural environment conditions in managed areas. In farm can be produced also non-agricultural products and provided non-agricultural services.

Prepared by Agricultural Statistics Section
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