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On use of fertilizers on agricultural crops in 2009

Data of the Central Statistical Bureau show that in 2009 half of the total area of agricultural crops (50.4%) was treated with mineral fertilisers. 73% of treated areas were cereals (in 2008 – 78%) and 74% (in 2008 – 94%) were areas of rape.

74 kg of mineral fertilisers were used for one hectare of sown area, if expressed as 100% of nutrients. Compared to the year before, the use of mineral fertilisers on 1 hectare of cereals in 2009 has reduced by 2.7%. The amount of mineral fertilizers used on 1 hectare of winter crops has diminished slightly – from 144 kg in 2008 to 141 kg in 2009 or by 2.1%, amount used on spring crops has decreased from 82 kg to 68 kg or by 18.1%, but mineral fertilizers used on rape - from 185 kg to 144 kg or by 22.2%, and that was influenced by still high prices of mineral fertilizers and simultaneous reduction of average purchase prices of cereals and rape.

Use of mineral fertilizers on 1 ha of sown area in 2009, expressed as 100% of nutrients, kg 

In 2009 use of nitrogen has grown from 43 kg on 1 hectare of sown area in 2008 to 47 kg in 2009, but use of phosphorus and potassium, in turn, has reduced. The share of straight nitrogen mineral fertilizers in total amount of mineral fertilizers used rose from 32% in 2008 to 64% in 2009, but the share of complex mineral fertilizers has decreased from 68% to 35%, moreover half of all mineral fertilizers used were ammonium nitrate. It was partly influenced by the reduction of nitrogen mineral fertilizer prices in the first four months of 2009, if compared to average prices of 2008, but prices of complex mineral fertilizers decreased only slightly.

Grouping of farms by sown area under cereals

Area, ha

Mineral fertilizers used, expressed as 100% of nutrients per 1ha of total sown area, kg

Average yield per 1 ha, cnt

Up to 200.0



200.1 – 400.0



400.1 – 600.0



600.1 – 800.0



800.1 – 1000.0



1000.1 and more



Balanced use of fertilizers influences the yield and quality of cereals significantly. According to the data large farms, which ensured more optimal use of fertilizers, had higher yield of cereals.

The reduction of mineral fertilizer use partly is compensated by working more organic fertilizers into the ground. In 2009 mineral fertilizers were used 609 thsd tons or 23% more than a year before, average use on 1 hectare of sown area has grown from 2.3 tons in 2008 to 2.8 tons in 2009. For 1 hectare of sown area of cereals 1.5 times more organic fertilizers were used, on areas of industrial crops – 2.3 times more, on areas of green feed - 1.6 times more. Use of organic fertilizers on 1 hectare of potatoes and vegetables has reduced.


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