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On provisional results of Agricultural Census 2010

In accordance with the requirements of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1166/2008 Central Statistical Bureau in 2010 in Latvia carried out Agricultural Census and Survey on Agricultural Production Methods.

It was planned to survey 90 thousand farms. Until now information on 86.4 thousand or 96% of farms is acquired. These farms according to the provisional results in 2010 managed 1.6 million hectares of agricultural land. The indicator has retained the level of previous years. Area of agricultural land on average per farm has increased by 15%. Total area of arable land in the country has decreased by 10%. But 2.8 thousand or 3% of the surveyed farms are not engaged in agriculture anymore and have rented or sold the land.

Agricultural Census information on 2.6 thousand or 4% of the farms until now was not acquired, because respondents were not met or refused to give an interview. CSB will continue acquiring information on non-responding farms and will specify the obtained information by telephone or by mail.

Processing of Agricultural Census data will be continued in 2011. Agricultural Census data will be compared with the Rural Support Service (RSS) Integrated Administration and Control System indicators and information will be imputed from Animal Register data base of the Agricultural Data Centre. More detailed provisional results will be published on the CSB web page in May 2011 and final Agricultural Census results - at the end of 2011.

In the result of the Agricultural Census comprehensive information on situation in Latvia agriculture will be obtained. This information will be used for analysis of situation in Latvia, as well as for further planning and implementation of EU Common agricultural policy. The implementation of this survey will allow to acquire information on land use, number of agricultural animals, organic farming systems, agricultural structures and technical machinery and equipment used in farms, employed in agriculture, economic activities, as well as on soil treatment methods used, soil fertility preservation activities, animal housing and manure storage facilities, and on irrigation methods used in farm.

Agricultural Census was organised by the CSB in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC), RSS and local governments of the counties.

In Agricultural Census information on farms managing more than 1ha of agricultural land was obtained, of which 20 thousand farms were included in Survey on Agricultural Production Methods. The farms are sampled by their economic size and specialisation.

With an aim to reduce the costs of Agricultural Census information acquisition, the survey was organised in several stages:

  • In April and May CSB interviewers surveyed representatives of the farms, who applied for the EU area payments in Regional Agricultural Boards of the RSS;
  • from July to September LRATC interviewers carried out interviews in farms;
  • starting from the middle of July it was possible to submit Agricultural Census information in electronic form;
  • from July to the end of October part of the farms was surveyed by telephone.


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