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Agricultural Census 2020 is continuing

The Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) has started autumn stage of data collection for Agricultural Census 2020, where data are collected both online and via interviews.

CSB expresses its gratitude to 12 000 agricultural holdings which already have provided information needed for the Agricultural Census 2020. In this Census data needs to be collected from 75 000 agricultural holdings. The CSB started data collection for Agricultural Census 2020 online on April 15.

“Unlike the previous Agricultural Census 2010, in this Census filling in questionnaire is 3 times easier – we do not ask to provide us with information available in various agricultural registers repeatedly as we already have it. Time needs to be spent to fill in about a third of Census information that is not available in none of the national registers. I ask you to be responsive and actively participate in the Census, as the results thereof will serve as an informative basis for agricultural development of the country during the upcoming decade, therefore participation of each and every agricultural holding is of a major importance,” says Director of Agricultural and Environment Statistics Department Armands Plāte.

It will not be needed to submit data on more than 50 thousand agricultural holdings that already is in the Database of the EU direct payments of Integrated Administration and Control System of the Rural Support Service. Also information that is in Agricultural Data Centre Animal Register, ADC Organic Farming Statistics Information System and ADC Housing facilities infrastructure and manure storage register is not requested repeatedly.

Information must be provided by all agricultural holdings engaged in agricultural production – managing agricultural land, breeding livestock, or preserving good agricultural and environmental conditions in the soil, regardless the land is owned or rented and products are produced both for self-consumption and for sale.

Starting with this week, CSB interviewer or rural development specialist of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre contacts agricultural holding to acquire information on agricultural holdings for Agricultural Census 2020. Data for Agricultural Census can be also submitted online by logging in with the existing user name and password, or registering in the system to become a user.

Collection of the data for Agricultural Census 2020 will continue until December 22.

The CSB asks agricultural holdings to be responsive and provide information for Agricultural Census 2020. For the upcoming decade the Agricultural Census will serve as a basis for information on agricultural sector and for analysis and decision-taking in the sector, as well as for planning and implementation of agricultural policy and rural development in Latvia, European Union, and common agricultural policy (CAP), and it will be significant basis for determination of support.

More details on Agricultural Census 2020 is available in the CSB website .

CSB specialists will answer questions on filling in the questionnaire by the toll-free phone number +371 80202808 on working days from 8.30 to 17.00 and by e-mail

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