Anonymized individual data for research

It is possible to use remote access to anonymized individual data in research. The data are available if application is filled in and contract is concluded in case of positive decision from the Central Statistical Bureau. Anonymized individual data can be only used for scientific or research purposes, moreover, research result has to assure benefit to all society.

Individual data or microdata are records from surveys, population censuses or registers on individuals, households or enterprises.

How confidentiality of respondent information is guaranteed?

  • Before handing over individual data to research, they are anonymized. Records never contain direct indicators (name, surname, personal code). If needed, deletion or transcoding of indirect identifier (using wider classes, for example, age group instead of age in years, geographic indicators are indicated only at regional or county level) is carried out.
  • Access is limited – only for scientific and research purposes and on contractual basis.
  • Data are not handed out in data carriers. Data set stays at the CSB and researchers work with individual data in a remote access mode. Final results are verified by experts of the Central Statistical Bureau and researchers receive only those final results that do not disclose confidential information.

How to apply and conclude a contract?

To obtain access anonymized individual data, fill in the application form and send it to the CSB. Upon receiving the application, the CSB shall announce its decision within 10 working days or will inform on the time needed to look through the application. In case of positive answer on the use of statistical information, a contract will be concluded, which will lay down your rights and obligations.

What kind of data can be obtained?

The Central Statistical Bureau offers to use anonymized data of Labour Force Survey, Household Budget Survey, Community Statistics on Income and Living Conditions EU-SILC, Population Health Survey and Survey on Use of Information and Communication Technologies (and other data depending on the decision of Confidentiality board).

Request for confidential statistical data

Sample of Data transfer agreement

The anonymization methods are described in the internal regulatory enactment of the CSB "Procedure under which survey files of anonymized persons are prepared, delivered and in which fees for this service are imposed"


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