Freeport of Riga

What are principal exports of Latvia?

Lauksaimniecības skaitīšana

Agricultural Census 2020 is continuing

Karte - Etniskais sastāvs Valmieras apkaimēs

The Official Statistics Portal of Latvia was launched as public “Beta” version

In the result of COVID-19 impact, in the 2nd quarter number of job vacancies has dropped by a third

In the 2nd quarter of 2020 hourly labour costs rose by 6.2 %

In the eight months marriages were registered less by 18 % than a year ago

In July number of visitors from Lithuania, Estonia and Finland increased significantly

In July foreign trade turnover of Latvia was 3.5 % less than a year ago

The average level of consumer prices reduced by 0.2 % over the year


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Fertility and mortality

In 2018, 19.3 thousand children were born and 28.8 thousand persons died in Latvia.

International long-term migration

Since 1990 net migration is negative in Latvia.

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As restrictions implemented in the country for limitation of spread of Covid-19 are reducing, the CSB has gradually renewed face-to-face interviews. By random sampling method face-to-face interviews are restarted on survey on personal and business trips, as well as on household finances and consumption.

Still population will be surveyed by phone, and residents have opportunity to provide answers in the CSB site

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