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Population and Housing Census 2021 has begun

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Ilustratīvs attēls - kūstošas lāstekas

CSB participates in Climate Change Mitigation Project to elaborate regional data collection and reporting system

In January, construction costs remained at the same level

In 2020, the number of unemployed increased by 28.4 %

In 2020, 64.2 % of the population in Latvia were employed

In January, the volume of cargo unloaded at the airport increased and the number of passengers – decreased

In January level of producer prices in industry rose by 1.0 %

In January actual unemployment rate constituted 8.8 % and registered – 8.0 %


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Fertility and mortality

In 2018, 19.3 thousand children were born and 28.8 thousand persons died in Latvia.

International long-term migration

Since 1990 net migration is negative in Latvia.

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Following epidemiological safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection, the CSB restricts face-to-face interviews and continues to carry out telephone and internet interviews.


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