European health interview survey

If you have received Central Statistical Bureau letter, your address was selected with a random sampling method. The European Health Interview Survey is aimed at acquiring detailed information about health status of Latvia inhabitants. The survey covers questions on self-perceived health status, chronic illnesses, access to health care, factors influencing health, etc. health issues. The survey is conducted by the European Union countries once in five years.

In line with the legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia, the CSB has a right to collect and process personal data and is obliged to ensure protection and confidentiality of the data you provide. The information acquired will be published in a summarised form only and used to analyse economic and social phenomena and processes in the country.

Face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews

It has been planned to conduct face-to-face and telephone interviews during the period from 19 September 2019 to 28 February 2020.

Upon arrival, the interviewer will present a CSB employee identification card with a photo. You may also verify identity of your interviewer on the CSB website or by calling the toll-free number below.

If you want to verify identity of the interviewer or find out any other information about the survey:

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