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Statistics on income and living conditions

If you have received Central Statistical Bureau letter, your address was selected with random sampling method.  All members of the surveyed household will be asked to answer general questions characterising population of Latvia, while people aged over 16 additionally will be asked also about education, health status, employment, income, benefits received, etc. The survey is also aimed at finding out the overall situation in household and housing conditions thereof.

In line with regulatory enactments of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia, the CSB has a right to collect and process personal data and is obliged to ensure protection and confidentiality of the data respondents provide. The information acquired will be published only in a summarised form for the analysis of economic and social phenomena and processes in the country.

If you want to verify identity of your interviewer or find out any other information about the survey:

Households will be surveyed once a year for four years in a row. All first-wave interviews will be conducted as face-to-face interviews, while in the three rest waves web and telephone interviewing methods may be used as well.

Face-to-face interviews

Aiming to limit the spread of COVID-19, as of March 13 Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) is not conducting face-to-face interviews at respondent residences.

All interviews are taken by phone.

CSB acquired your contact details from the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, and State Revenue Service in line with the Paragraph 4.30.2 of the Cabinet Order No 103 “Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation” of 12 March 2020. 

Web and telephone interviews

If you have received CSB letter inviting you to complete electronic questionnaire, visit during the period from 1 to 23 February.

The online questionnaire shall be filled in by the addressee of the CSB invitational letter, authorising with internet bank, e-identification card or e-signature. If questionnaire is filled in by another person, he/she shall take all the responsibility for correctness of the information provided.

If due to any reason you are not able to complete electronic questionnaire, CSB interviewer will contact you by phone or visit at your place of residence.

Manual (only in Latvian) on filling in e-survey.

Telephone interviews will be conducted from 16 March to 1 August.

It is necessary to conduct interviews repeatedly as it allows to acquire information on any changes that may have occurred during the year. We will appreciate your participation in the survey, as it will help to reflect actual household income and living conditions.


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