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Central Statistical Bureau is a public authority.

In short, the Central Statistical Bureau is called Statistics Latvia.


Statistics Latvia employs interviewers.

Interviewers ask questions to people and companies and write down answers.


You will always receive a letter from Statistics Latvia before an interview.

The letter will say that the interviewer wants to ask you questions.

If you have received a letter, it is important to give an interview.

Sometimes interviewers asks questions by telephone, but sometimes they visit you at home.

You may call interviewer and set the day and time of your interview.

The interviewer may ask about work, wage, education, traveling and other themes.

Interviewers never tell other people the answers given by people and companies. It is forbidden by law.


There are also statisticians working at Statistics Latvia.

Statisticians count answers provided and we call it statistics.

Statistics, for example, is the number of people living in Latvia.

Statistics show whether the prices in shops have gone up or down.

Statistics shows how many goods were produced in Latvia during a year.

There are also many other statistics.


If you are interested in statistics, you can find this information in section Statistics by theme.

Telephone for questions about interviews and statistics – +371 67366922.


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