Compliance of statistical institutes with quality assurance framework

With an aim to produce high quality official statistics for Latvian, European and international policy makers and society and achieve establishment and implementation of common principles and requirements in National Statistical System of Latvia (hereinafter – the NSS of Latvia),  CSB as the managing institution of the NSS of Latvia, based on European Statistics Code of Practice 2011 edition (hereinafter – the Code), has imposed common total quality requirements for Latvian statistical institutions (download PDF). Quality assurance requirements are explained in the Guidelines for Implementation of European Statistics Code of Practice (download PDF in Latvian only).

To monitor conformity of Latvian statistical institutions with total quality requirements, statistical institutions are assessed.

During the period from 29 September to 3 October 2014, based on Eurostat’s (Statistical Office of European Union) initiative, a group of independent experts undertook detailed expertise of CSB conformity to all principles of the Code. Detailed expertise resulted in two peer review reports:

Peer review on compliance with the European Statistics Code of Practice (PDF) 

Peer review report on integration with the European Statistical System (PDF)

The experts did not find any unconformities with the Code requirements, however they made 16 recommendations (download PDF) for improvement of the CSB activities. For the introduction thereof, CSB has defined improvement actions with a deadline in 2019. Until the end of 2017, CSB has implemented nine recommendations (download PDF in Latvian only).

As the managing institution of the NSS of Latvia, CSB has researched conformity to the Code requirements in Latvian statistical institutions producing European statistics (→ ONAs), and summarised results achieved in 2018 (download PDF in Latvian only).

Results of the assessment show that 84 % of all institutions met requirements fully, 12 % did it partly, and 4 % of the institutions do not conform with the requirements.

CSB aims at increasing Code conformity rate to 5 % annually by giving methodological support and providing improvement activities.

Results of the assessment of other statistical institutions will be available in the first half of 2019.

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