Policy on pre-release access

The CSB publishes press releases at 13:00 on pre-determined dates in accordance with a previously announced dissemination calendar.

The European Statistics Code of Practice foresees that “any privileged pre-release access [to the statistical information] to any outside user is limited, controlled and publicised” (Principle 6: Impartiality and Objectivity).

Certain public officials may be granted the right to access statistical data one hour before the publishing of the press release to provide them with time to analyse and comprehend the data, as well as prepare their opinion. Officials must contact the CSB (info@csb.gov.lv) with an application that justifies the pre-release access to the press release.

The CSB may provide pre-release access on the following topics:

  • Consumer price statistics,
  • Producer price statistics,
  • Gross domestic product,
  • Employment, wages and salaries,
  • Industrial production output,
  • Retail trade turnover,
  • Foreign trade.

The officials who are granted pre-release access undertake:

  • not to disclose in any way the data or the content of the press release to third persons before the official publication thereof,
  • not to express their direct or indirect opinion on the data or the content of the press release before the official publication thereof,
  • not to try delaying the scheduled date and time for publishing the press release,
  • not to try achieving that the data or content of the press release are altered,
  • to use the data only to prepare for the questions of journalists regarding the socioeconomic occurrences or processes reflected in the respective press release.

Pre-release access has been granted to:

  • Ministry of Economics (3 officials).

The CSB sends the press releases to the officials who have pre-release access to the data via e-mail, adding a reminder on the confidentiality of the respective information.

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