Information requests

For information requests, references, consultations and information on paid services


Our consultants will assist you in finding statistical information on Latvia and other countries. We provide consultations as soon as possible and free of charge.

If the required statistical data are not available in the CSB database or publications (they are not included in official statistical programme), however, it is possible to calculate them, the CSB consultant will provide you with an offer for a paid service and will send you the costs and term for preparing the respective data.

Price list of paid services

The prepared data may be received:

  • electronically (signed with a secure e-signature) by paying with a transfer;
  • at the Information Centre of the CSB by paying for the preparation of information in cash or with a transfer;
  • via mail by paying with a transfer.

The Information Centre is open upon request by calling the number 67366922 or 27880666.

Working hours:
From Monday to Friday
10:00–17:00 open upon request
12:30–13:30 lunch break
Saturday, Sunday

The publications available in the reading-room are not handed out for use elsewhere, nevertheless, it is possible to work in the reading-room or copy the required information.


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