The website of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) uses cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which is sent to your computer or mobile device while visiting a website and which the website saves on your computer or mobile device when you open it. On every next visit, the cookies are sent back to the website of origin or another site that recognises the respective cookies. Cookies work as the memory of a specific website, making it possible for the respective page to remember your computer on the next visits. Cookies may remember your settings or improve the user experience. Additional information on cookies and how to control and delete them may be found at

How does CSB use cookies?

Cookies are used on the CSB website in order for the website to remember:

  • your screen settings, e.g. text size, language;
  • whether you have already answered the pop-up question/-s of surveys (for the pop-up questions not to be shown to you anymore);
  • whether you have already confirmed the fact that we use cookies on the website.

Google Analytics

The CSB uses cookies of “Google Analytics”. The respective cookies are used with the aim of improving the quality of the content of the CSB website and adjusting it to the needs of the users. You may find more information on the terms of service of “Google Analytics” at

If you wish for the CSB not acquire information on your activities on the CSB website, you must install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This add-on communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js)", thus indicating that the data on the respective visit of the website do not have to be sent to “Google Analytics”.

How to disable cookies?

You may control and delete cookies if you wish to do so. Read more here: You may delete all cookies that are on your computer, and most browsers may be set up in a way that blocks the cookies from being saved on your computer. However, in this case you will have to manually adjust the settings every time when visiting the website, and there is a possibility that some services and functions will not work.


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