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The Official Statistics Portal of Latvia was launched as public “Beta” version

Celebrating 101st anniversary of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB), on September 1 Portal of Official Statistics was launched as public “Beta” version. In the future it will bring together official and experimental statistics produced by the CSB and other national statistics institutions.

The Portal includes timeseries that can be used to make customisable data tables for view, download or API, key indicators in graphs and maps as well as reference metadata according to SIMS 2.0 standard.

One of the key priorities during the development of the Portal was to further improve two basic ways to find statistics: search function and browse function. This has been achieved using ‘Elasticsearch’, introducing a filter function and use of synonyms to translate everyday terms into terminology used in statistics.

"We have chosen not to reinvent the wheel for our needs, but to base the development on open source software and supplement the most successful solutions of other statistical institutions - the database tool PX-Web created by Statistics Sweden and the map browser STAGE created by Statistics Slovenia," said Uldis Ainārs, Director of the CSB Information and Communication Department.

During testing period of the Portal the existing CSB website will remain primary data publishing solution.

It is planned that all statistics institutions involved in the preparation of official statistics will publish data in the Portal. At the moment, the Portal covers statistics produced by the CSB, data on fires and rescue operations produced by the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia, as well as regional development index published by the State Regional Development Agency.

Project No. “Portal of Official Statistics” was developed with the support of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.


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