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Informal negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals

On 24 May 2019, experts of various fields of the Central Statistical Bureau participated in "Figures for Breakfast" organized by the Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) to talk about indicators of next period of the National Development Plan in context of Sustainable Development Goals with representatives from NGO administration, local governments, private and academic sectors and educational institutions.

New and informal format of conversation was the key to success in facilitating negotiations on the data and allowing participants to learn topics of their interest not only about evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals, but also on work of the CSB in general. "Figures for Breakfast" gave CSB an opportunity to acquire a valuable feedback from participants, and questions asked made to consider opportunities for provision of additional data.

The CSB is satisfied with the fact that representatives of various fields and organizations consider qualitative data valuable and have interest to improve their knowledge and skills in the use of data. Better understanding of data makes to use them more in decision-making.

The CSB expresses its gratitude to LAPAS for invitation and to experts of the CSB Baiba Zukula, Anita Švarckopfa, Dace Krievkalne, Dita Zemīte, Liene Āboliņa, Līga Meļko for support in thematic group discussions.

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