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Information security management of the CSB complies with the international standard ISO 27001

The information security management system of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001. This is assured by the certificate of registration issued by the international certification body Exova BM TRADA on 21 September.

“Information is one of the most significant intangible assets of the CSB, and it is necessary to protect it. Compliance with the ISO standard provides a clear indication to our respondents and administrative data source holders that they can trust the information security management system of the CSB, as well as the CSB itself as a cooperation partner,” Aija Žīgure, Director of the CSB, points out.

In 2017, the CSB made a decision to certify the information security management system by checking its compliance with the international standard ISO 27001:2013 “Information technology. Security techniques. Information security management systems”. The ISO 27001 standard reflects the best practice in information security management. It has been developed to identify and prevent any possible threats in the maintenance of information.

In 2008, the CSB started implementing the information security management system and has been gradually improving it ever since. The information security management system of the CSB is used when collecting, processing and storing data and information, as well as providing statistical information to inland and foreign data users. In addition, internal regulations are implemented and improved, as well as the classification of information and technical resources and information security risk management is carried out according to the confidentiality integrity and accessibility requirements.

The CSB is responsible for the organisation of statistical work in Latvia and authenticity of the data it has produced by summarising the information obtained from respondents and administrative data sources. The main objective of the CSB is to provide inland and foreign data users with timely, exact, complete, comprehensible and internationally comparable statistical information on economical, demographic, social and environmental phenomena and processes of Latvia by applying contemporary solutions of information technologies and the most extensive experience in the field.



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