Consumer price index, 2005=100, 2010=100, 2015=100

PC0231. Consumer price indices by commodity groups (ECOICOP) by Year/ Month, Commodity group (ECOICOP) and Price changes
2005=100 2010=100 2015=100
2017M05 154.2 111.2 103.4
2017M06 154.5 111.4 103.6
2017M07 153.4 110.7 102.9
2017M08 153.0 110.4 102.7
2017M09 153.4 110.7 102.9
2017M10 154.5 111.4 103.6
2017M11 154.7 111.6 103.7
2017M12 154.7 111.6 103.8
2018M01 154.7 111.6 103.7
2018M02 155.0 111.8 104.0
2018M03 156.9 113.2 105.3
2018M04 157.2 113.4 105.5
2018M05 157.7 113.8 105.8
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) informs: 1) Since January 1, 2016 calculation of Consumer Price Index, Harmonised Consumer Price Index and Harmonised Consumer Price Index of Constant Tax Rate is based on European Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose (ECOICOP). This classification provides data users with price indices at more detailed breakdown (up to sub-class level for selected groups). ECOICOP will replace COICOP that was used before. In the CSB database Price indices for periods till 2015 will be available according to COICOP. Transition to ECOICOP will not affect previously published data as ECOICOP and COICOP correspond to each other till class level.
2) Along with the publication of a news release on changes of consumer prices in May 2016, also names of consumer price indices for all ECOICOP levels published on the CSB database have been revised. The revision has been made according to the Annex I to the REGULATION (EU) 2016/792 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 11 May 2016 on harmonised indices of consumer prices and the house price index, and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 2494/95. Revision of the ECOICOP level names has impact neither on consumer price index values and coverage nor on already published or future periods.
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