Data on port and airport activities are used to obtain information on cargoes loaded and unloaded and passenger arrivals and departures at Latvian ports and airport.


Aircrafts, airfields and other objects serving the purpose of transportation by air and specific aviation functions, as well as sport aviation, aviation popularization and other public and private needs.

It is determined in tons by actual weight of freight transported, including all packing weight, weight of different containers or other packing, palette weight where goods are placed, tare weight.

Information on passenger arrivals and departures at airports and at ports includes data on passenger turnover with aircraft or ship owned by Latvia and foreign countries.

A port is a part of the overland territory of Latvia delimited by borders, including the artificially set up dams, and a part of inland waters including inner and outer roadstead and shipping routes in the port access arranged for servicing the ships and passengers, performing cargo, transport and dispatch operations and other economic activities.

Data availability

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Port and airport activities
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Port and airport activities
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Port and airport activities
  • 2nd quarter 2018
  • June 2018
Port and airport activities
  • July 2018
Port and airport activities
  • August 2018

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Port and airport activities
  • 1st quarter 2018
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Port and airport activities
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Port and airport activities
  • January 2018
Port and airport activities
  • 4th quarter 2017
Port and airport activities
  • 3rd quarter 2017

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Download CSB publications on various time periods (starting from 2007) in section E-publications.

Data on transport indicators are available in the monthly bulletins and yearbooks. Statistical yearbooks and monthly bulletins are available in E-publication section under topic "General statistics".

Customised data sets

If you would like to obtain statistical data that are not available in publications or in the CSB online data base, please send us an information request:
 - postal mail: 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1301;
 - e-mail: info [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv;
 - visiting Information centre.

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Additional information

Indicator passenger arrivals and departures at the airport "Rīga" that is published in Latvia differs from the indicator published in the Eurostat data bases. Latvia publishes all passenger arrivals and departures at the airport "Rīga", but data available in Eurostat data bases are only on passenger arrivals and departures with revenue flights and cargoes loaded and unloaded with transport for hire or reward.

As it is not possible to ensure implementation of all requirements of Council Directives 2009/42/EC (6 May 2009) on statistical reports regarding freight and passenger traffic by sea with report form 2-ports (short) "Survey of port activities", ports with annual freight turnover of 1 mln tons and more and/or annual passenger turnover of 200 thsd passengers and more submit report form 2-ports "Survey of incoming and outgoing ships at ports". This report is prepared electronically, and vessel manifest information provided by each incoming and outgoing vessel is used as data source.

Latvia publishes data obtained by compilying information from report form 2-ports (short) "Survey of port activities", but Eurostat in its data bases publishes data obtained by complying information from report form 2-ports "Survey of incoming and outgoing ships at ports".

Data collection

Survey method and data source

Data are obtained in full-scope survey.

Data on activities of ports are collected from CSB monthly report form 2-ports (short) "Survey of port activities".

Data on activities of airports are collected from CSB monthly report form 2-airports "Survey of aicraft traffic through the airports".

Statistical population

Data on activities of ports are submitted from enterprises engaged in loading/unloading cargoes at ports.

Data on activities at airports are submitted form airports if annual passenger turnover (incoming and outgoing passengers) is 150 000 or more passengers.

Data revision

Data published are final and are not revised.


Comparability over time

Data on activities at ports are available since 1990.

Data on activities at airports are available since 1993.

International comparability


The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) publishes information on transport in the EU and in every country separately on its home page. It can be found in section: Database/Transport.

Other comparability

Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

The Ministry of Transport publishes information on passenger and freight turnover at ports and at airport "Riga" on its homepage.

International airport "Rīga"

The international airport "Rīga" publishes statistics on passengers, flights and freight transport starting from 1993 on its homepage.


Confidentiality of the information provided by respondents is protected by the Section 17 of the Statistics Law stipulating rights and obligations of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and other state authorities producing official statistics. Read more

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