Data on municipal and hazardous waste are used to find out the volume of waste generated, collected, processed, landfilled and exported.


Waste having one or several characteristic features making them hazardous to peoples’ life and health, environment, as well as to peoples’ property, and which correspond to the categories of hazardous waste set in the classification of waste.

Dangerousness is characterised by explosiveness, flammability, toxicity, corrosivity, unmanageable reactivity, ability to cause carcinogenic, mutagenic and other changes in living organisms.

Waste generated by activities of households, trade, service provision, industry or other activities.

Data availability

Dissemination format and Release calendar

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Municipal and hazardous waste
  • 2017


Download CSB publications on various time periods (starting from 2007) in section E-publications.

Customised data sets

If you would like to obtain statistical data that are not available in publications or in the CSB online data base, please send us an information request:
 - postal mail: 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1301;
 - e-mail: info [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv;
 - visiting Information centre.

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Data collection

Survey method and data source

Data on municipal and hazardous waste are obtained from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre report 3-Waste "Report on Waste".

Statistical population

Enterprises, institutions and organizations, which are producers of municipal and hazardous waste, and which have submitted application to regional environmental authorities or already were granted permission to perform pollutive activities of A or B category, as well as enterprises of C category, which are certified to perform such activities. The report should be submitted also by all legal persons, which were granted any kind of permissions for the waste management.

Data revision

Data may be adjusted.


Comparability over time

Data on municipal and hazardous waste are available since 2002.

International comparability

Environmental statistics on the countries of the European Union are compiled and published on the home page of Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). The data are located in the section: Statistics/ Environment and energy/ Environment.

European Environment Agency

Statistical data on different environmental subjects are available on the home page of European Environment Agency.

Other comparability

Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre

Data bases on the environmental condition and natural resources, environmental load, activities are publicly available on the home page of EGMC.

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