Data on local government social services are used to find out the number of persons of local government social services and expenditures of local government social services.


Night shelter — a social institution providing lodging, dinner and personal hygiene opportunities for persons without a defined place of residence or persons in a crisis situation.

Day care centre — an institution which during the day provides social care and social rehabilitation services, development of social skills, education and opportunities for spending free time for persons with mental impairments, disabled persons, children from needy families and families with circumstances unfavourable to the development of the child, as well as persons who have reached the age that entitles one to receive the State old-age pension.

Group house (apartment) — a separate apartment or house in which are ensured individual support for persons with mental impairments in the resolving of social problems.

Crisis centre — a social institution where short-term psychological and other types of assistance is provided to persons in a crisis situation.

Data availability

Dissemination format and Release calendar

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Social assistance
  • 2017
Local government social services
  • 2017

Customised data sets

If you would like to obtain statistical data that are not available in publications or in the CSB online data base, please send us an information request:
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Data collection

Survey method and source data

Data source used to acquire the data is the report of the Ministry of Welfare "Social services and social aid in country/local government of the city under state jurisdiction in 20X".

Data included in the report cover country as a whole and total numbers in cities under state jurisdiction, as well as breakdown by country.

Data revision

The published data are final and will not be adjusted.


Comparability over time

Data are available since 2001.

Other comparability

Ministry of Welfare

Ministry of Welfare on its home page publishes information on social services and social assistance in country/local government.

Contact person on methodology

Name Surname Phone number Position E-mail
Kārlis Smudzis +371 67366948 senior officer Karlis [dot] Smudzis [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv

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Expenditure on social protection (ESSPROS)

Number of pension, state social benefit and allowance recipients, pension and benefit amounts

Municipal social assistance

Purchasing power of employed and pensioners

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