Data on investments in and current expenditure on environmental protection provide information on investments in environmental protection measures in breakdown by environmental fields and current expenditure on maintenance of objects of environmental significance.


Involves total costs of materials used for operation and maintenance of environmental protection units, technologies, equipment (or parts thereof) decreasing environmental contamination caused by businesses (air emissions, waste water discharge, waste etc.).

Include investments in and current expenditure on environmental protection measures. Resources are envisaged for air protection, management of waste and wastewater, protection of biological diversity and landscape, environmental research and development, as well as other environmental protection activities.

Capital investments in the environmental protection measures (methods, technologies, processes, equipment or parts thereof) the main aim of which is to collect, process, control, reduce, eliminate or prevent pollution or any other environmental degradation caused by manufacturing process of businesses.

Data availability

Dissemination format and Release calendar


Download CSB publications on various time periods (starting from 2007) in section E-publications.


Data are compiled and published by using:

  • Classification of Administrative Territories and Territorial Units of the Republic of Latvia (CATTU);
  • Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE Rev. 2);
  • with NACE Rev. 2. code 46 and 47 and number of employees >=250 (as of 2016);
  • with NACE Rev. 2. code 37,38, 39 and VAT > 300 thousand euros (as of 2017);
  • with NACE Rev. 2. code 37,38,39 and number of employees >=20 (as of 2017).

A Classification Catalogue with classification codes and their explanations has been published on the CSB website.

Customised data sets

If you would like to obtain statistical data that are not available in publications or in the CSB online data base, please send us an information request:
 - postal mail: 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1301;
 - e-mail: info [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv;
 - visiting Information centre.

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Data collection

Survey method and data source

Data are acquired with the help of sample survey.

Data source is CSB statistical report form 1-VA "Report on Expenditure on Protection of Natural Resources and Environment".

Statistical population

Enterprise coverage

All economically active businesses included in the group of large enterprises (enterprises with 100 employees and more) with NACE Rev. 2 codes 08–34, 39 and 49, and NACE Rev. 2 enterprises with codes 35, 36, 37, 38 employing 20 and more persons are surveyed, but other companies employing 20 and more persons are surveyed with the help of random sampling, and data are extrapolated.

Target population does not include individual enterprises and private branches of companies owned by one person, peasant and fishermen farms, public organisations and budgetary institutions.

Sample size

Year Sample size
2017 ~1600
2016 1569
2015 1674
2014 1025
2013 996
2012 917
2011 882
2010 1 054
2009 902
2008 2 998
2007 3 995

Statistical processing

Calculation methods

Logical and arithmetical controls of the source data are carried out in Integrated Statistical Data Management System (ISDMS) environment in compliance with the validation algorithms. Design weights that are inversely proportional to inclusion probability are corrected considering the response rate, discovered frame errors in stratum and data on updated sample frame.

Summaries are developed in ISDMS environment on all questionnaire indicators in breakdown by sector. Summary data are verified with the help of several methods: comparison of indicators with the data on previous periods, analysis of increase/decrease.

Data revision

Data published are final and are not revised.


Comparability over time

Data on investments in and current expenditure on environmental protection are available since 2002.

International comparability


Statistical data on the countries of the European Union are compiled and published on the home page of Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). The data are located in the section: Database/Environment and energy/Environment/Environmental Accounts.


Confidentiality of the information provided by respondents is protected by the Section 17 of the Statistics Law stipulating rights and obligations of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and other state authorities producing official statistics. Read more

Contact person on methodology

Name Surname Phone number Position E-mail
Ilva Graudiņa +371 67366744 Senior Officer Ilva [dot] Graudina [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv

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