Data on felled areas and logging costs are used to estimate average logging prices (EUR/m3) in Latvia in both final and intermediate felling.


Final felling is a kind of felling intended for general harvesting of wood performed in one or several attempts.

Felling performed in forest stands till the production period (felling cycle) is reached.

Intermediate felling is broken down into thinning, reconstructive felling and sanitary clear felling.

Final felling and intermediate felling costs for the preparation of timber (felling, pruning and cross-cutting into assortments) and costs of timber transportation (transportation of the woods from felling site to storage terminal, processing or consumption site).

Felling, trimming and cross felling of stems into assortments.

Transportation of wood from felling area to accumulation terminal, processing or consumption site.

Data availability

Dissemination format and Release calendar


Download CSB publications on various time periods (starting from 2007) in section E-publications.

Data on forestry are available in the monthly bulletins and statistical yearbooks. Statistical yearbooks and monthly bulletins are available in E-publication section under topic "General statistics".


Data on logging production and felled areas till 2008 were compiled by using Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE) Rev. 1.1, while starting from 2009 a NACE Rev. 2 is used.

A Classification Catalogue with classification codes and their explanations has been published on the CSB website.

Customised data sets

If you would like to obtain statistical data that are not available in publications or in the CSB online data base, please send us an information request:
 - postal mail: 1 Lāčplēša Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1301;
 - e-mail: info [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv;
 - visiting Information centre.

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Data collection

Survey method and data source

Data on logging production and felled areas are acquired with the help CSB annual statistical report form 1-forests "Report on forestry costs".

Target population

Economically active unites are surveyed in accordance with Cabinet Regulations No 305 of 18 April 2006 "Regulations regarding Cadastral Assessment" (
Before 2007 the survey covered economically active statistical units, the economic activity of which in accordance with NACE Rev. 1.1. belonged to Forestry, logging and related service activities (Section 02).
Starting from 2009 economically active statistical units are surveyed in accordance with Nace Rev.2: Forestry and logging (Section 02, except Gathering of wild growing non-wood products). Units with NACE 02.10, 02.20 and turnover over 850 thsd euros, as well as units with NACE 02.40 and turnover over 300 thsd euros are taken from the Statistical Enterprise Register.
JSC "Latvian State Forests", "Riga Forests" Ltd are always surveyed. Owners of forests with the area of over 50 ha are surveyed by a sample survey.

Sample size

Year Sample size
Owners of forest Enterprise
2016 409 542
2015 430 520
2014 470 480
2013 410 440
2012 480 320
2011 520 280
2010 600 200
2009 600 200
2008 700 300
2007 800 200

Statistical processing

Calculation methods

Information on respondents included in the sample is extrapolated with the help of weights set for each sample unit.

Data availability

The published data are final and are not revised.


Comparability over time

Data on average logging costs are available since 2007.

International comparability


The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) publishes information on forestry in the EU and on every country separately on its home page. It can be found in section: Statistics/ Agriculture and fisheries/ Forestry/ Database.

Other comparability

State Forest Service

The State Forest Service publishes on its homepage information on forest resources in Latvia – forest regeneration, wood resources, forestland transformation into other land use and forest health.


Confidentiality of the information provided by respondents is protected by the Section 17 of the Statistics Law stipulating rights and obligations of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and other state authorities producing official statistics. Read more

Contact person on methodology

Name Surname Phone number Position Email
Alda Jirgensone +371 67366745 Senior Officer Alda [dot] Jirgensone [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv

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