In accordance with the requirements of the Law on Population and Housing Census, Law on State Statistics and Law on Protection of Natural Person Data the confidentiality of the personal data on each person and household acquired during the Population and Housing Census will be ensured.

In the Point 18 of the Law on State Statistics it has been set that CSB has to ensure system of organisational, administrative and technical undertakings to guarantee the confidentiality. One of the administrative undertakings is documentary fixed commitment to maintain confidentiality. Every single employee, including all engaged in collection of the personal statistical information, testifies the obligation not to spread the personal statistical information by signing the ‘’Confidentiality testimony’’.

When publishing the summary results of the Population and Housing Census 2011 CSB will guide from the requirements set in Latvia and European Union legislation and in the CSB Confidentiality Guidelines. Confidentiality requirements regard not only personal information, but also data published in the tables.