For Respondents

In order to ensure the preparation of the information specified in the National Programme of Statistical Information, laws and Cabinet regulations and directly applicable legislative acts of the European Union, according to the Law on State Statistics, section 10 a respondent has a duty to prepare and submit individual statistical data upon the request of the Central Statistical Bureau.

Surveys are carried out in the official language of Latvia therefore questionnaires and e-Report interface are available in Latvian only.

To see the list of reports your enterprise has been asked to fill in, go to section My Surveys (in Latvian). Enter identification code indicated in the attachment to the letter you received from CSB. In section My Surveys you can also check reporting deadlines, addresses and contact details of your statistician.

You can submit data electronically in Electronic Data Collection (EDC) system.

Questionnaires (in Latvian) can be downloaded from CSB homepage.

All individual data allowing for identification of respondents, according to the section 18 of Law on State Statistics, are considered confidential and will only be used for summaries and aggregations. The CSB provides the necessary administrative, technical and organizational measures to ensure the confidentiality of your data.