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The Central Statistical Bureau is surveying individual persons and enterprises of various sectors. The surveys may be carried out by telephone and answers may be given in written form as well. Surveys in written form should be submitted to the CSB.

Large enterprises are surveyed every year, but small enterprises are selected at random e.g.,  like in a lottery - every fifth or every tenth enterprise.  First of all information  is gathered, then statisticians prepare summaries and at the end this summary information is published.



The statistical information is released on the Internet and in publications. The collections of statistical data may be studied and purchased in the Information Centre of the CSB, at Lāčplēša Street 1 in Riga.




The main task of the Central Statistical Bureau is to inform the society about important issues: number of population, level of income, etc. The information should be comparable so that everyone could follow the latest changes in society and economics month by month, quarter by quarter and year by year.

The Central Statistical Bureau is working together with European organisations, therefore everyone may compare our country  whith other countries  to find out in which country more children are born or in which country wages and salaries are the highest.

The Central Statistical Bureau is subordinated to the Ministry of Economics.  For more than 10 years the Central Statistical Bureau is managed by Aija Žīgure, the President of the CSB.

The Central Statistical Bureau is located in Riga, Street Lāčplēša 1.
You may call to the Bureau by telephone 67366803 and send e-mail to csb [at] csb [dot] gov [dot] lv
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