First visit

The CSB homepage is structured into four areas:

Navigation bar
Menu on the left-hand margin
Central column
Blocks on the right hand margin

Navigation bar

 On the left there is CSB sign, which is static on all pages. It will always take you back to the homepage when clicked on.

In the middle of navigation bar there are five main sections, which serve as "entrance doors" to the contents of CSB homepage.

 - statistical data published in various formats, of which publications and methodology and everything on how and where to obtain the information needed.

 - information on how enterprises and institutions can submit surveys to the CSB, information on various population surveys.

 - normative acts which regulate activity of the CSB, organization of statistics in Latvia and the EU, as well as documents on quality in statistics and classification catalogue. (available in Latvian only).

 - Information on the CSB as an institution: contacts, organization structure, vacancies, purchases, annual reports, budget and history, as well as homepages of other institutions which compile statistical information.

 - Frequently Asked Questions, i.e. information which helps information users to orient oneself on the CSB homepage and in databases, but data providers or respondents – to solve issues regarding submission of reports.

On the right side of the Navigation bar:

- search on the top will help to find contents on the homepage. You can filter the contents by the kind, for example, term, page, methodology, vacancies, events.
  - search at the bottom will help to find table needed in the database.

- to switch between Latvian and English.

- to change the font size on the page .

- to follow CSB twitter account and be able to read CSB news and contact CSB.

- E-mail to contact CSB.

- sitemap to see all sections and subsections of the homepage as table of contents.

Menu on the left-hand margin

First block contains e-tools.

- large amount of statistical data on various subjects with option to create own table and download the data.

- for those who want to ask a question electronically or send an application.

- for enterprises and institutions which submit reports to the CSB electronically.

Second block features the most commonly used "Quick links".

Main indicators - tables with most important statistical indicators on Latvia.

Customised Datasets - if you would like to obtain statistical data that have not been published in publications or online data base of the CSB, you can send us an information request.

Publications - online publications (pdf), order publications.

Third block contains "Statistics by theme" - all statistical information structured by themes and subthemes. A theme always contains main indicators tables and database section. Almost all themes also include selection of lates press releases under tab "News".

Central column

First block of the central column features CSB latest news:

  • press releases by theme,
  • information on:
    • publications released,
    • latest information published in the databases,
    • meeting and events at the CSB.

By clicking "More", you can select press releases by year and theme or go through Event calendar by day, week, month or year. Archive of events is available since 2006. Here you can also apply to receive CSB news to your e-mail.

Second block of the central column features CSB planned events. By clicking "More", you can select press releases by theme or go through Event calendar by day, week or month.

Block on the right hand menu

 Latest data on top three indicators of public interest:

  • Historical Population Census data;
  • Inflation (consumer price changes);
  • Real GDP growth rate.

- Under the hot statistics there is load of tags, thus clicking on a tag it is possible to obtain essential information on it.

On the right top corner there is a calendar where it is possible to go through previously published and planned CSB events by days, weeks, months or years (incl. Press releases on various themes). Archive of events is available since 2006, planned events – within the framework of one year.

- On the right side under the calendar there is CSB twitter account block, thus it is possible to read latest CSB news and become CSB twitter account’s follower here.


Footer is common to all pages and it shows three important menus:

  • On Map (how to find us on map);
  • Organisational structure including telegphone directory;
  • Links about statistics in Latvia and all over the world;
  • Easy to read information on who we are and what we do;
  • First visit to CSB homepage (the navigability guide you are reading now);
  • Frequeantly Asked Questions about statistics.