On use of fertilizers on agricultural crops in 2011


Use of mineral fertilisers on one hectare of cereals in 2011 increased from 117 kg in 2010 to 126 kg in 2011 or by 7.7%. The rise partly was due to the growth of the average purchase prices of cereals by 27% on the year before. Moreover also total use of mineral fertilisers on agricultural crops has risen. Expressed as 100% of nutrients, 98.1 thousand tons of mineral fertilisers were used on sown area of agricultural crops in 2011, and it is 6.3% more than in 2010. 90 kg of mineral fertilisers were used on one hectare of sown area, an increase of 7.5% if compared to 2010.

Share of areas treated with mineral fertilisers in total sown area has grown from 55% in 2010 to 58% in 2011.

Use of mineral fertilisers on 1 ha of sown area
(expressed as 100% of nutrients)

Use of nitrogen on one hectare of sown area also continues to grow – from 53 kg in 2010 to 55 kg in 2011, use of phosphorus has risen from 14 kg to 16 kg, while use of potassium – from 16 kg to 19 kg.

Straight nitrogen mineral fertilisers sill are used more, because their prices are noticeably lower than prices of complex mineral fertilisers. In 2011 the share of straight nitrogen mineral fertilizers in total amount of mineral fertilizers (in physical weight) comprised 56%. Ammonium nitrate constituted 44% of all mineral fertilizers used.

Compared to 2010, 183 thousand tons or 4.9% organic fertilisers less were used in 2011. The amount used on average per one hectare of sown area has reduced from 3.4 tons in 2010 to 3.3 tons in 2011 or by 3.1%.

Structure of used mineral fertilisers (physical weight) in 2011


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