Survey “On research and innovative work in business enterprise sector in 2008” will be carried out


In March this year the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) will carry out current survey on research and innovative work. It will compile information on innovative solutions carried out by enterprises in 2006 – 2008. Also data on the number of innovative enterprises, expenses on innovation, etc. will be compiled. First time information on eco-innovations will be surveyed. Moreover, separate section of the survey includes matters on merchants’ activities in research with an aim to develop business. The survey will be carried out in all EU member states.

In the framework of survey, 3.6 thousand enterprises chosen by unified sample survey methodology developed by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) will be surveyed. When the survey will be started, informative letter, survey forms, as well as instruction on their completion will be sent to the enterprises. In order to reduce respondent burden, it will be possible to complete the forms electronically.

Information will be compiled to fulfil requirements of Commission Regulation No. 1450/2004 on the production and development of Community statistics on innovation and Commission Regulation No. 753/2004 on statistics on science and technology, as well as to inform on the execution of Business Competitiveness and Innovation Promotion Programme 2007 – 2013 confirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2007.

According to data of innovation survey carried out by the CSB in 2007, in 2004 – 2006 on average only 16% of all enterprises were innovative, at the same time in the European Union countries this indicators was 34%.

Enterprises active in innovation as percent of total number of enterprises in Baltic States and EU















Report published by the European Commission on the results of European Innovation Survey witness that Latvia takes 28th place out of 29 surveyed countries in the field of innovative enterprises.

In 2007 European Council recommended to Latvia to achieve bigger progress regarding research and innovation policy in order to reach aims defined in National Lisbon Programme of Latvia: total expenditure on research and development in 2010 must comprise 1.5% of GDP and number of innovative enterprises must comprise up to 32% of all enterprises in 2008.

Now volume of government and business enterprises sector investment in Latvian research and development is one of the lowest in the European Union. This is one of main factors delaying development of applied research, use of research results and development of innovative business. In 2007 business enterprises sector investment in research was only 0.21% of GDP (average in EU countries – 1.17% of GDP), total investment – 0.63% of GDP (average in EU countries – 1.83% of GDP).

Expenditure on research and development in selected countries in 2007, % of GDP

In order to obtain as precise as possible information on innovative activities carried out in enterprises, the CSB requests specialists of enterprises to learn carefully instructions included in the statistical survey, to be cooperative and provide with necessary information. In order to relieve completion of forms and to promote data accuracy, CSB data collectors will provide additional consultations.

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