“Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2008” has been released



Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) has released publication “Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2008”, which reflects the development of socio-economic processes in Latvia, and content of this publication is the most versatile of all annual publications of the CSB.

Statistical indicators on territory of Latvia, socio-political situation, economics and finances, population and social processes, kinds of economic activity, science and technologies, as well as comparison of main statistical indicators of Latvia and other countries are gathered in 10 thematic sections in the form of tables, diagrams and maps.

In comparison with the previous year the yearbook has been supplemented with broader information on macroeconomic indicators, entrepreneurship, employment, wages and salaries and labour costs, education, science, culture, health care, foreign trade, as well as other social issues.

Publication includes Leaken indicators, results of key surveys, indicators obtained in Household Budget Surveys, as well as trends of development of selected economic activities and forms of ownership have been characterised.

Showing the indicators in graphic and cartographic form opportunities of data visualization have been widely used in the Yearbook, thus providing the possibility for data users to see the trends and relations, what can not be ensured by the information arranged in tables.

It is possible to purchase collection of statistical data “Statistical yearbook of Latvia” in the Information Centre of the CSB in Riga, at Lāčplēša street 1. Subscribers will receive the publication within a week.

Considering the users’ desire to obtain more varied and more detailed information necessary to carry out deeper analysis of socio-economic processes, more statistical indicators are available on the Internet database of the CSB, which compared to publication in paper form includes data on longer time period.