„Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2007” has been released


Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB) has released a publication „Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2007” which characterises development of socio-economical processes in Latvia, and which is the most detailed in its content annual publication of the CSB.

Compared to the previous year, the yearbook has changes done in the thematic division- statistical indicators in the publication in the tables, charts and maps are compiled in 10 thematic divisions on the territory of the Republic of Latvia, socio-political situation, economics, finance, population and social processes, kinds of economic activity, science and technology, as well as on the comparison of statistical indicators which are important to Latvia and other countries.

The yearbook has broad information on the geographical position of Latvia, main macroeconomic indicators, demographical processes, employment, living conditions of population, inflation, housing, education, science, culture, health care, natural resources, environmental protection, agriculture, industry, construction, investment, foreign trade and other social issues.

The publication has results of most important surveys, indicators obtained in the research of household budget published, and processes in the development of separate economic kinds of activity and form of property are characterised.

In the yearbook there also are comparisons of main indicators characterising development in Latvia and EU countries available.

In the yearbook data visual aids were widely used, displaying indicators in graphical and cartographical forms thus allowing data users see trends and coherence which is not seen in the information which is prepared in the tabular form.

The publication is also available in the electronic version (CD-ROM). While preparing the yearbook in the CD-ROM format, wishes of users to obtain wider and more detailed information which is necessary for carrying out profound analysis of socio-economical processes were taken into account. Therefore, the yearbook in the CD-ROM format includes data on a longer time period than in the publication in the printed format. The yearbook in the CD-ROM format has additional software installed with the help of which it is possible to create cartographical figures from the available data.

The collection of data „Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2007” in the printed and CD-ROM format can be obtained in the Information Centre of CSB in Riga, Lacplesa street 1. Subscribers will receive the publication already this week.