So far data have been obtained from 43.7% of residents of dwellings surveyed in Population Microcensus


Data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) show that during almost two months of the ongoing Microcensus, data have been obtained from 6.6 thsd or 43.7% of the residents of dwelling included in the sample.  Out of the 50 municipalities included in the sample, the largest number of surveyed dwellings were located in Ilūkste and Valka county, where information was obtained on more than 60% of residents of the dwellings included in the sample.

More than half of the dwellings included in the sample were also surveyed in Liepāja, Rēzekne, Riga, Ikšķile, Kuldīga, Ogre, Salacgrīva and Talsi county. In turn, less than 25% of the dwellings included in the sample were surveyed in Jelgava, Daugavpils, Saldus un Kocēni county.

In the internet survey of the Population Microcensus, data have been obtained from 11.3% of the dwellings included in the sample. The largest number of persons who have completed the questionnaire on-line (more than 18% of the dwellings included in the sample) reside in Ādaži, Ikšķile, Mārupe county and Valmiera.

The CSB kindly invites residents of the dwellings who have received the invitation to participate in Population Microcensus 2015, to be responsive and to take part in the survey, which will run until 15 December of this year.

The CSB would like to thank all respondents who have taken active part in the Population Microcensus.

The goal of the Population Microcensus is to find out how accurately the CSB data reflect the number of population of Latvia. This is an important step in preparation for Population Census 2021, where it is planned to obtain all the necessary information by using administrative data sources only. More information on Population Microcensus 2015 is available here: (in Latvian only).

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