Revision of employment statistics 2011 in compliance with the Population and Housing Census results


Central Statistical Bureau informs that extrapolation of the Labour Force Survey1 data in compliance with the results of the Population and Housing Census 2011 has caused significant changes in the employment indicators, if compared to information published prior and calculated basing on the Population Register data.

Number of active population aged 15-74 is 118.1 thousand or 10.3% smaller, as compared to the information published prior, and totally the number comprises 1,028.9 thousand persons. Most significant changes were observed in Latgale region, there decrease in active population number constitutes 12.8%.While the lowest reduction was recorded in Riga - 7.9%

Comparison of data in breakdown by age group show notable changes in active population within the age groups 25-34 and 15-24, reduction of 15.5% and 13.7%, respectively.   In age group 55-74 the number of active population is 4.8% lower than published prior.

Active population by age group, thousand

Also employment and unemployment indicators have changed.Employment rate is 1.2 percentage points lower and comprises 54.1 per cent, whereas unemployment rate is 0.8 percentage points higher and constitutes 16.1 per cent.Highest unemployment rate was recorded in Latgale region (18.7%), while lowest – in Vidzeme region (12.7%).Comparison of the data published before and after Population and Housing Census shows that regional differences in unemployment rate have not changed significantly (within 0.6-0.9 percentage points).

Evaluation of the number of employed in breakdown by occupations indicates most notable changes in craft and related trades workers profession – number is 17.7 thousand or 15% smaller than published prior.   Number of employed is smaller also in plant and machine operators and assemblers professions as well as in skilled agricultural and fishery workers occupations – by 14% and 13%, respectively.

Additional information on Labour Force Survey results and data compilation methodology is available in the CSB web page database.


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Press Officer
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1Starting from the 1st quarter of 2011 extrapolation of the Labour Force Survey data estimation is based only on number of persons living in private households.