Results of the survey on border crossings in 2011


Foreign travellers in Latvia

Results of the survey on 2011 show that foreign travellers crossed the border of Latvia 5538 thousand times, and it is 10% more than in 2010. Rise in the number of foreign travellers was due to the tourism field marketing activities.
According to the World Tourism Organisation data similar trend was observed also in Central and Eastern Europe – average increase of the incoming tourism comprised 8%.
Travellers, who spent more than 24 hours in Latvia, stayed here on average 4.1 days.
72% of the foreign overnight travellers were accommodated in hotels or in other accommodation establishments, whereas 28% stayed at their relatives or friends. 35% of the overnight visitors came to Latvia for the first time.

Overnight visitors by country, 2011

Analysis of the increase in the number overnight visitors by country and comparison of this number with 2010 show that the number of visitors from Russia has grown by 43%, number of travellers from UK has risen by 27, whereas number of visitors from Norway – by 19%. Travellers from Russia preferred recreational trip to Latvia during winter holidays.
36% of overnight foreign visitors mentioned recreation as the main purpose of the visit, 30% indicated business trips, and 22% - visit to friends or relatives.
Out of all overnight foreign travellers crossing Latvia border in 2011 52% were using air transport, 30% - road transport, 9% - railway transport and 9% - sea transport.
Foreign visitors in 2011 have spent LVL 379.5 million in our country, and it is 14% more than in 2010.

Overnight foreign visitor expenditure in 2011 (in per cent)

Latvian travellers abroad

In 2011 Latvian residents crossed the border of Latvia 3257 thousand times, and it is 5% more than in 2010. On average Latvian travellers spent 3.8 visitor nights abroad.

Overnight Latvian visitors by country, 2011

Analysis of the Latvian overnight visitors by destination of trip, in comparison with the previous year shows that the number of travellers going to Greece has increased by 89%, number of Spain visitors has risen by 73%, of France visitors - by 27%, and of Turkey visitors - by 18%.
33% of all Latvian overnight travellers crossing border of Latvia in 2011 had gone abroad for recreation, 30% had visited relatives and friends, and 21% mentioned business as main purpose of the trip.
Returning home, overnight travellers used air transport (58%), road transport (29%), sea transport (9%) and railway transport (4%).
Totally Latvian travellers spent LVL 402.6 million abroad, and it is 9% more than in 2010.

Overnight Latvian visitor expenditure in 2011 (in per cent)

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