Results of the survey on border crossings in the 1st half of 2012


Results of the survey on border crossings in the 1st half of 2012 show that foreign travellers crossed the border of Latvia 2556 thousand times, which is 1.5% more than in the 1st half of 2011.

The travellers who spent more than one day in Latvia, stayed here on average 3.5 days.

73% of the foreign overnight travellers were accommodated in hotels or in other accommodation establishments, while 27% stayed with their relatives or friends. 35% of the overnight visitors came to Latvia for the first time.

The majority of the foreign travellers were from the neighbouring countries: 35% from Lithuania, 18% from Estonia, 8% from Russia, 6% from Sweden, 4% from Germany and 4% from Poland.

36% of the overnight foreign visitors mentioned recreation as the main purpose of the visit, 31% mentioned business and 22% - visiting friends or relatives.

25% of the overnight visitors obtained information on Latvia from the Internet, 20% - from relatives, friends and acquaintances, 15% - during their previous visits and business trips, 6% - from travel guides and mass media.

Out of all overnight foreign travellers who crossed the border of Latvia in the first half of 2012, 46% used air transport, 32% - motor transport, 13% - sea transport and 9% - railway transport.

In the 1st half of 2012, foreign visitors spent LVL 175.1 million in Latvia, which is 0.7% more than in the 1st half of 2011 (this amount does not include travel expenses, expenditure on execution of the employer’s instructions and capital investments).

Overnight travellers spent on average LVL 59.5 per day (in the 1st half of 2011 - LVL 54.8).

The largest amounts in Latvia were spent by travellers from Russia – LVL 24.4 million, Sweden – LVL 19.4 million, Norway – LVL 12.5 million, and Germany - LVL 12.2 million.

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