Provisional results of farm structure survey 2007


According to provisional results of Farm Structure Survey* carried out by the Central Statistical Bureau, the number of economically active farms in 2007 has decreased, but the area of agricultural land, in turn, has grown. Average size of economically active farms has grown from 22.9 ha in 2005 up to 25.6 ha in 2007, or by 11.8%. The area of agricultural land of single farm on average is 15.7 ha, 2.9 ha more than in 2005.

Therefore, it could be concluded, that in rural areas of Latvia the structural changes still can be observed and there is a trend for farms to become bigger.

Number and average size of farms on June 1




Economically active farms, thsd



Used agricultural land, thsd ha



     Of which arable land, thsd ha



          Meadows and pastures, thsd ha



Average size of economically active farms



     by total area, ha



     by used agricultural land, ha



Compared to 2005, the area of arable land in 2007 has increased by 3.3%. 94.4% of the arable land or 1050.4 thsd ha were occupied by agricultural crops. In the structure of agricultural crops the largest area was occupied by cereals (48%), permanent pastureland (36%) and rape (9%).

Structure of sown area in 2007

In 2007, the sown area per single farm producing crops on average was 11.5 ha, 3.2 ha more than in 2005. But in farms producing cereals, the average sown area of cereals was 13.1 ha or 3.7 ha larger than in 2005. The average sown area of rape per single farm producing rape has increased noticeably: in 2005 it was 41 ha, but in 2007 – 50.9 ha.

Provisional results of Farm Structure Survey 2007 show a growth trend in the livestock farms. Average size of cattle herds in farms was eight cattle, of which four diary cows, by 23% more than in 2005.

More detailed data of Farm Structure Survey 2007 will be published in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

In order to obtain up to date information on activities in agriculture and development of rural areas, in accordance to the European Council regulation (EEC) No 571/88 with amendments (EC) No 2467/96 and (EC) No 204/2006, in all Member States of the European Union in 2007 there was carried out Farm Structure Survey.

For the selection of the agricultural farms included in the Farm Structure Survey 2007, the information from CSB Farm Register was used. The sample was created taking into account economic activity and specialization of farms. The total number of surveyed farms was 58.0 thsd. In order to evaluate the trends of economic activity of other farms, the sample included some previously inactive and new farms.

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