Press conference on results of the Population and Housing Census


On January 18, 2012 in the City Hotel Bruņinieks (st. Bruņinieku 6) a press conference on the results of the Population and Housing Census 2011 will be organised. The press conference will be visited by the Minister of Economics Daniels Pavļuts and the President of the Central Statistical Bureau Aija Žīgure.

The issues addressed at the press conference will include the provisional results of the Population and Housing Census regarding the population number and factors influencing its changes from the national and territorial point of view. The speakers will analyse the changes in age and ethnic composition of the population, as well as inform about the population employment and educational attainment.

The CSB launched the Population and Housing Census 2011 on March 1, offering the residents to fill in the questionnaires on the Internet, and on March 17 1960 interviewers started to visit residents at their homes. Starting from the June 1 persons not surveyed during the previous stages of the Census were able to fill in the questionnaires on the Internet.

Nevertheless the most visible part of the Population and Housing Census, resulting in the acquisition of data on 1.9 million residents, was completed already on June 10, the Census process went on. The CSB continued its work to obtain information on the actual number of Latvia residents, analysing the data available in the state information systems and administrative registers. Basing on the data the conclusions regarding the population not surveyed within the Census were made.

Although data processing was not yet finalised, on December 16, 2011 the CSB informed that Latvia population exceeds 2 million. The number of  population since the previous Population and Housing Census had reduced, and this change was due to both natural increase (number of deaths exceeding the number of births) and international migration.

To provide insight into the content of the press conference the CSB may inform that, in comparison with the Population and Housing Census 2000, the most notable reduction in the population number was recorded in Latgale, and in selected counties of Latgale the decrease exceeds even 30%.


More detailed information on the press conference:
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