Population Census data are available for spatial analysis


Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) has finished current processing stage of data obtained in Population Census 2011 – ascription of housing addresses to geographic coordinates. In the result spatial development planning specialists, researchers, students and other data users have opportunity to obtain spatial information on the population of Latvia according to Population Census programme.

Data obtained in Population Census are depicted in a grid map with cell size 1x1 km2. Territory of Latvia is broken down in 65.6 thsd cells, of which 33 thsd grid cells are populated – in Population Census 2011 resident population was counted in this territory.

Most densely populated territory is Riga Pļavnieki neighbourhood, where 22 282 resident population was counted in one grid cell. But in two thirds (21 thsd) of populated grid cells 10 or even less persons were counted.

Population Census data and maps for spatial analysis of statistical information are published in the CSB homepage in population census section "Data visualization".At the moment population density and most widely used languages grid maps are published, as well as grid data on population density for spatial analysis and drawing maps on one's own.


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