OECD: "It is clear that Latvia is fully integrated into European Statistical System"


From March 26 to 28, Paul Schreyer, Deputy Director, Statistics Directorate, and Julien Dupont, Expert in Legal Matters of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), visited Latvia to evaluate conformity of statistical system of Latvia to OECD requirements in statistical area.

"It is clear that Latvia is fully integrated into European Statistical System. This means that it is very close to international standards and therefore also to requirements that the OECD has. In a number of areas Latvia’s statistics have been reviewed by Eurostat and we can build on that," says Paul Schreyer regarding Latvia's conformity to OECD statistical standards.

"During the two days I have already seen a number of statistical and institutional practices that would be of interest to other countries. More generally, I encourage CSB and other partners in Latvian statistics to see this accession process as an opportunity to engage with a broader statistical community," he added.

Paul Schreyer also mentioned that he will be looking forward seeing Latvia as an OECD member country.

During the three-day visit experts from OECD got to know the process of preparation, processing and dissemination of statistical information in the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB); also they assessed contribution of main CSB partners – the Bank of Latvia, Ministry of Finance and Financial and Capital Market Commission – in the preparation of statistics.

Such OECD visit in statistical area happens for the first time in Latvia and next visit is planned on December this year. It is planned that matter of Latvia's accession will be reviewed in OECD Statistics Committee meeting in June 2015.

In December of last year the Cabinet of Ministers was deciding on Latvia's accession in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and this process is conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President of the CSB Aija Žīgure shakes hands with OECD expert in legal matters Julien Dupont

From the left: Paul Schreyer and Julien Dupont


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